Interior House Painters in Adelaide

C & S Decorators are the premium interior house painters Adelaide. Our mission is to provide our local community with the best value for money alternatives. We pride ourselves on punctuality, courtesy, OH & S compliance, and our high customer satisfaction rate. 

The best part about our business— our work is backed by accreditation. We follow the stringent guidelines outlined by two of the largest industry bodies in Australian painting: Dulux, and Master Painters Australia. In addition to our residential, commercial and industrial painting services, we also offer colour consultations and styling advice. Our trained professionals have used every colour under the sun, so we know how much it can impact an environment. 

To arrange your colour consultation, simply book by giving us a call or sending an email to! You can trust our interior house painters Adelaide to deliver A-grade service, every time.


How colour can affect a space

Why is colour a big deal to our interior house painters in Adelaide? Well, because we know just how much it can change the feel of a space. Colours actually have a physiological impact on us, inciting a wave of different responses and emotions. To make sure you nail your colour palette and create a positive space in your home, here’s a few tips from the team:

  • Before choosing your colour, take note of the lighting, room dimensions, purpose of the room, and theme.
  • Pick the colours you love! Every colour has bold & soft, or cool & warm variations. You can just about roll with any colour, as long as you pick a tone that compliments the space.
  • Choose two or three colours that contrast well. A combination of dark, medium and light always works well.

Give our interior house painters Adelaide a call for more advice!

Our portfolio

Our interior house painters Adelaide have completed a variation of jobs right across Adelaide. We offer residential, commercial, and industrial services to ensure everyone can experience the C & S Decorators difference. When it comes to commercial painting, we offer protective coatings, anti-graffiti coatings, texture coatings, wall coverings, roof re-surfacing, lead paint management, asbestos stabilisation, and more! We extend our painting services to shopping centres, retails premises, factories, multi-storey buildings & apartments, and other body corporate units. In regards to our industrial services, we offer more heavy-duty alternatives like fire-retardant paint and long-term corrosion control. We are fully compliant with our clients schedules, and only work the hours that suit you! For the highest quality finish, choose our reliable interior residential painters Adelaide. C & S Decorators are all about fast & professional service to transform ordinary spaces! if you want a painters Adelaide You can reach us by calling 0438 260 290 today.


If your home has been feeling a little lacklustre, a paint job could be exactly what you need! Call the C & S Decorators team on 0438 260 290 to get our experienced interior house painter Adelaide on the job.

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