Residential Painters Adelaide

How can you prepare for our painters?

If you’ve booked a job for our residential painters Adelaide, there are a few ways you can help us out before we arrive. Firstly, we advise that you remove all the furniture from the area to give our painters clear foot traffic space. Although we’re careful with our work, this will also prevent the chance of splatter on any of your wood or upholstery. Our second piece of advice is that you put something down to protect your flooring—for the same reason. Next, a good paint finish is dependent on a smooth and clean surface. Dirt will have an impact on adhesion, which can lead to cracking down the track. We also recommend that if you can, remove outlet covers and switch plates. When we put them back on top afterward, we guarantee a nice crisp edging! Call us for more advice from our residential painters Adelaide.

Are your walls peeling? Here’s why

If you’re experiencing recurring paint cracking, our residential painters Adelaide will come bearing answers. It could be linked to a number of problems, so we’ve listed a few of the common driving factors to help you figure out why you’re having to re-paint every 6 months.

Water: any water leakage is bad news, especially for your freshly painted wall. The wood surface will absorb water and separate the paint on top. This will appear as cracking or bubbling.

Poorly prepared surface: a dirty or unprepared paint surface will impact the level of adhesion between paint and surface.

The wrong type of paint: If adhesion is your issue, it might be due to incompatibility between paint bases. It’s important to ensure you use the same type of paint as the layer beneath, e.g. oil-based paint over oil-based paint etc. Our residential painters Adelaide will get to the bottom of your paint problems!

About C & S Decorators

Our residential painters Adelaide also have experience working in a wide variety of commercial and industrial settings. Some of the commercial projects we’ve completed have been for shopping centers, shop fit-outs, strata corporations, factories, warehouses and retail premises. For these types of locations, we offer anti-graffiti coatings, texture coatings, wall coverings, and other services that help make the everyday shopper’s experience that little bit more enjoyable. Our design and civil work are a big part of our identity because we love having a positive impact on our community. It’s often the small details that make the biggest difference. So, we set ourselves apart by going above and beyond to make every job extraordinary! The same can be said about our residential painting, which really is the heart and soul of our business. To see what our residential painters Adelaide can bring to the table, call us on 0438 260 290!

A fresh coat of paint is all it takes to bring that wow-factor to any space. We can even help you select a colour theme and make trimming selections to get the most out of our service! Call us on 0438 260 290 and have a chat with our residential painters Adelaide.

Your One Stop Shop Painters and Decorators Adelaide!

Finding the Right Painters and Decorators Adelaide


When it comes to renovating your home or commercial space, finding the right painters and decorators Adelaide to bring your vision to life is critical.

  • Research: Firstly, we recommend you do a bit of research prior to contacting painters and decorators Adelaide. Figure out what kind of theme and colours you like. You don’t have to know exactly what you want, but a rough idea will help when you are reaching out to businesses. As a result, the businesses will be able to tell you exactly whether they can do the job, and provide a more accurate quote.
  • Recommendations: Next, we recommend asking neighbours, friends and family for recommendations. You could also ask real estate agents or painting companies for referrals.
  • Quotes: Furthermore, you should get at least three quotes from painters. However, price shouldn’t always make the final decision. A good paint job requires attention to detail, and professionalism.

What to do before painters and decorators Adelaide arrive?

Before painters and decorators Adelaide arrive, we suggest doing the following:

  • Remove all pictures and paintings (leave nail holes if you plan to re-hang pictures in the same spot).
  • Remove unwanted nails so holes can be refilled.
  • Remove all small and fragile objects
  • Remove all window treatments.

By clearing the space, it will allow for the painters and decorators Adelaide to do a more thorough job. We also recommend pets to be looked after during the process. Additionally, if there are any pieces that are too heavy or high that you cannot move, we are happy to help. Once that is done, we will move all furniture to the centre of the room. Furthermore, we will also cover all furniture and appliances to avoid any paint from spilling onto anything. Upon completion, we will also clean up the room.

About Us

Here at C & S Decorators, we understand that painters and decorators Adelaide’s work can be a disruptive time for your family. As a result, we will attempt to make the process as seamless as possible. Additionally, if you are struggling with choosing a colour, our Colour Consultants are a great way to save time, money and stress.  No matter the size of your project, we will be there to help. We will consider the size of the room, the height of the ceilings, the type of aesthetic you are trying to achieve, and the type of lighting. Our decorators and residential painters Adelaide specialise in commercial and domestic painting and decorating. We pride ourselves on our punctual, courteous and kind service. With over 40 years of experience, you know you can trust us.

If you’re searching for decorators and painters Adelaide, look no further than C & S Decorators! Call us today on 0438 260 290.


Interior House Painters Adelaide | Adelaide’s Best!

A little bit about C & S Decorators

C & S Decorators are the premium interior house painters Adelaide. Our mission is to provide our local community with the best value for money alternatives. We pride ourselves on punctuality, courtesy, OH & S compliance, and our high customer satisfaction rate. The best part about our business— our work is backed by accreditation. We follow the stringent guidelines outlined by two of the largest industry bodies in Australian painting: Dulux, and Master Painters Australia. In addition to our residential, commercial and industrial painting services, we also offer colour consultations and styling advice. Our trained professionals have used every colour under the sun, so we know how much it can impact an environment. To arrange your colour consultation, simply book by giving us a call or sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.! You can trust our interior house painters Adelaide to deliver A-grade service, every time.

How colour can affect a space

Why is colour a big deal to our interior house painters Adelaide? Well, because we know just how much it can change the feel of a space. Colours actually have a physiological impact on us, inciting a wave of different responses and emotions. To make sure you nail your colour palette and create a positive space in your home, here’s a few tips from the team:

  • Before choosing your colour, take note of the lighting, room dimensions, purpose of the room, and theme.
  • Pick the colours you love! Every colour has bold & soft, or cool & warm variations. You can just about roll with any colour, as long as you pick a tone that compliments the space.
  • Choose two or three colours that contrast well. A combination of dark, medium and light always works well.

Give our interior house painters Adelaide a call for more advice!

Our portfolio

Our interior house painters Adelaide have completed a variation of jobs right across Adelaide. We offer residential, commercial, and industrial services to ensure everyone can experience the C & S Decorators difference. When it comes to commercial painting, we offer protective coatings, anti-graffiti coatings, texture coatings, wall coverings, roof re-surfacing, lead paint management, asbestos stabilisation, and more! We extend our painting services to shopping centres, retails premises, factories, multi-storey buildings & apartments, and other body corporate units. In regards to our industrial services, we offer more heavy-duty alternatives like fire-retardant paint and long-term corrosion control. We are fully compliant with our clients schedules, and only work the hours that suit you! For the highest quality finish, choose our reliable interior residential painters Adelaide. C & S Decorators are all about fast & professional service to transform ordinary spaces! if you want a painter in Adelaide You can reach us by calling 0438 260 290 today.

If your home has been feeling a little lack lustre, a paint job could be exactly what you need! Call the C & S Decorators team on 0438 260 290 to get our experienced interior house painters Adelaide on the job.

Painters Adelaide

About Us


C & S Decorators are painters Adelaide who specialise in commercial & domestic painting. Along with our highly valued regular customers, we also work for local councils, builders, and undergo insurance work. In addition, we pride ourselves on our punctual, neat and consciousness for safety when we work. We also pay strong attention to detail. Consequently, this is reflected in our quality work, which results in satisfied customers time after time. Furthermore, we are also a registered member of Master Painters Australia and are Dulux Accredited. If you have been searching for painters Adelaide, think C & S Decorators. With over 40 years of experience, you can rest assured knowing you are receiving the best possible service. Call the painting experts today on 0438 260 290 or send us a message!

How to Find Painters Adelaide?

Finding the perfect painters Adelaide is a step by step process. A few ways we recommend narrowing down the search is by looking for testimonials on painters websites. Additionally, talking to neighbours, family &friends, local paint stores, or even real estate agents can also be of value. Furthermore, finding someone who will communicate well and is approachable will also make the job more seamless. On the first visit, they should go through the job with you, and give you a summary in a way that is easy to understand. Furthermore, you should also compare painters Adelaide to determine which painter will be best suited for your project. You will want someone who will provide minimal disruption to your family. Here at C & S Decorators, painting is at the heart of our service. We provide quick, top quality house painting services and residential painting services.

Choosing the Right Colour

Will painters Adelaide help me with colour selection? Absolutely! Our colour consultants can save you time, money and stress. In order to achieve the right colour scheme for your project, there a range of factors to be taken into consideration. For example, when deciding on the paint colour for an interior room, your colour consultant will consider the size of the room, the height of ceilings, and the amount of natural light that will come into the room. Additionally, your consultant will try to understand the type of aesthetic and mood you are trying to create to find the perfect combination of colours for you. So, who uses our colour consultants? Colour consultants are used by residential home owners and commercial businesses seeking painters Adelaide that provide a personalised colour recommendation. Whether it be simple colour advice or a whole new paint colour scheme, C & W can do the job.

If you’re looking for painters Adelaide who will pay attention to detail and will provide top-notch service reach out to our friendly team today! Call 0438 260 290!

House Painters Adelaide

Who are we?


C & S Decorators are a team of qualified and professional house painters Adelaide. We pride ourselves on flawless execution, fast service, fantastic communication and affordable pricing. Our work is simply unrivalled, and we have a portfolio full of A-Grade projects that reflect our high standards. We are:

  • Members of Master Painters Australia
  • Dulux accredited
  • Trades Monitor checked and approved.

Additionally, we offer a 5-year warranty on our workmanship to give customers peace of mind. As Adelaide’s most respected painting team, we’ve secured high-profile jobs across the board. This includes work for the University of South Australia, Mitcham Council, Adelaide Insurance Builders and more. We’ve learned that the small details make the biggest difference, and a fresh coat of paint has a huge impact on the appearance of your home. For the best value for money alternatives, call C & S Decorators. We’re the unbeatable house painters Adelaide!

Our additional services

Our house painters Adelaide cover the full scope of painting works. We have a fantastic ability to adapt and keep our quality consistent across a wide range of settings. In addition to our residential services, we also undertake industrial and commercial painting projects. We also provide detailed consultations to help you make educated choices when it comes to colours and styling. While colour might not seem important, it can have a great impact on mood, ambience, lighting, and space. We’ll provide detailed advice to help you make the most practical decisions for the environment. For example, we might recommend light and bright colours for smaller spaces to enhance the space. Or we might recommend rich colours like maroon and navy if you’re going for a cosy, opulent look. Whatever space, we’ll fill it with the most practical choice! We’re the house painters Adelaide you can trust.

What our accreditation means for our customers

When choosing house painters Adelaide for your home, there are definitely a few stand-out qualities you should look for. The number one quality is industry accreditation. If a business hasn’t gone above and beyond to earn your trust, then they might not deserve it! Here’s a little more information on our accreditation.

Master Painters Australia (MPA): This is the peak industry body for painting in Australia. MPA has outlined a Code of Ethics which all members have to abide by. Basically, we have an obligation to serve our community with integrity and respect. C & S Decorators tick all the boxes!

Dulux Accredited Painters: The Dulux accreditation program was designed to single out the businesses who fulfil their strict professional criteria. Dulux has long been recognised as a leading name in the industry. Our house painters Adelaide are proud to demonstrate a level of workmanship that is commended by their team!

If you’ve been thinking about upgrading the look and feel of your home, start with our residential painting services! Our professional house painters Adelaide will have the job done in minimal time, with minimal fuss.