Residential Painters Adelaide

Residential Painters Adelaide
, there are a few ways you can help us out before we arrive. Firstly, we advise that you remove all the furniture from the area to give our house painters clear foot traffic space. 

Although we’re careful with our work, this will also prevent the chance of splatter on any of your wood or upholstery. Our second piece of advice is that you put something down to protect your flooring—for the same reason. Next, a good paint finish is dependent on a smooth and clean surface. 

Dirt will have an impact on adhesion, which can lead to cracking down the track. We also recommend that if you can, remove outlet covers and switch plates. When we put them back on top afterward, we guarantee a nice crisp edging! Call us for more advice from our residential painters Adelaide.


How Can You Prepare for Our Residential Painters Adelaide?

If you’re experiencing recurring house paint cracking, our residential painters will come bearing answers. It could be linked to a number of problems, so we’ve listed a few of the common driving factors to help you figure out why you’re having to re-paint every 6 months.

Water: any water leakage is bad news, especially for your freshly painted wall of a house. The wood surface will absorb water and separate the paint on top. This will appear as cracking or bubbling. Poorly prepared surface: a dirty or unprepared paint surface will impact the level of adhesion between house paint and surface.

The wrong type of paint: If adhesion is your issue, it might be due to incompatibility between paint bases. It’s important to ensure you use the same type of paint as the layer beneath, e.g. oil-based paint over oil-based paint etc. Our residential painters Adelaide will get to the bottom of your residential paint problems!

Our residential painters Adelaide also have experience working in a wide variety of commercial and industrial settings. Some of the commercial painting projects we’ve completed have been for shopping centres, shop fit-outs, strata corporations, factories, warehouses and retail premises. For these types of locations, we offer anti-graffiti coatings, texture coatings, wall coverings, and other services that help make the everyday shopper’s experience that little bit more enjoyable. 

Our design and civil work are a big part of our identity because we love having a positive impact on our community. It’s often the small details that make the biggest difference. So, we set ourselves apart by going above and beyond to make every job extraordinary! The same can be said about our residential painting which really is the heart and soul of our business. 

To see what our residential painters Adelaide can bring to the table, call us on 0438 260 290!


Professional Residential Painters Adelaide

Beautify the interiors of your property with us!

C & S Decorators is a trusted team of residential painters Adelaide - we offer a complete range of house painting services to revive the look of your property. We are interior house painting experts skilled in all aspects of residential painting. Our years of experience enable us to deliver a pleasant experience throughout the project.

Our expert residential painters Adelaide give attention to details and care for your belongings. We have the up to date tools and knowledge to help you craft the home of your dreams. We take the time and do a proper discussion with you to understand your vision, properly prepare your home for painting, and provide services beyond your expectations; services that we’re proud to stand behind.

Interested in our residential painting services? Give us a call at 0438 260 290 to learn more about how we can paint and decorate your home at affordable prices.

A fresh coat of paint is all it takes to bring that wow-factor to any space. We can even help you select a colour theme and make trimming selections to get the most out of our service! Call us on 0438 260 290 and have a chat with our residential painters Adelaide.